Al-Wafa took -since its establishment- a strategic decision to adopt a quality management system to improve quality of its products to meet customers' expectations in accordance with international standards. Accordingly, it has established a Quality Department and a lab that resulted in obtaining accreditation of international quality certificates, such as the International Quality Management Certificate, ISO 9001-2015, and ISO 22000 (FSSC) certificate in Food Safety Management. The laboratory is supervised by a qualified and specialized staff that works with help of modern equipment. 

Special efforts are exerted to increase work efficiency of quality department employees by enrolling them in various courses and workshops to maintain the high level of quality of Al-Wafa products.

Quality Management Certificate - ISO 9001-2015

Al-Wafaa Plastic Industries has obtained the ISO certificate in Quality Management System (QMS) (lSO 9001-2015) in 2018 from Lloyd's Register (LR), after completing the internal audits, approving the organizational structure and establishing an integrated and transparent administrative system to link and organize the various production processes and reduce and/or eliminate problems during production. 
The system also ensures management of supply chain, achieves customer satisfaction and controls employees performance and training. Specific production cycle guidelines have been adopted to achieve a proper application of the Total Quality System (TQM.(

Moreover, Al-Wafa has a distinguished Warehouse Management System. It contributes to the compliance of suppliers with international quality standards. Products are arranged according to a specific code and barcode and in designated places that can be accessed electronically through a QR-Code application. Other information such as product type, quantity and production date can be viewed by this system.

Food Safety System Certificate - FSSC- ISO 22000

Al-Wafa Plastic Industries is the first Palestinian Company in plastic and packaging industries sector to obtain the “Food Safety System Certification- FSSC," ISO 22000 in the year 2020. Al-Wafa has realized the importance of responding to customer demands of obtaining clear international principles through which the food safety system can be tested, audited and approved in a way that ensures safety of products during primary production, transportation and storage.

It is a priority and a responsibility entrusted to Al-Wafa to follow the procedures for obtaining this certificate; since the company has a pioneering role in manufacturing packaging products (bottles and gallons) for foodstuffs such as oil, dairy and juice.
Besides, Al-Wafa is currently seeking accreditation of international certificates; including the certificate in Risk Management- ISO 31000, in Occupational Health and Safety- ISO 45001, and in Environmental Management - ISO 14000.