Al-Wafa Products
Products are manufactured at Al-Wafa Plastic Industries using two techniques; blowing and injection. Other additional supplies such as special caps and accessories like the handles are also manufactured at the company.

Al-Wafa has more than fifteen production lines that use this technology, which is fully automated, and where high quality products are manufactured according to international standards, using two methods:

  • First: High-Density Polyethylene Blowing (HDPE)
    This method is used in manufacturing heat- and- chemical-resistant plastic products such as motor oil gallons (engine lubricant), detergents gallons and some foodstuffs. Al-Wafa produces items that fulfill several modern and versatile choices in different colours, shapes and sizes upon customer request. 
  • Second: Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)
     Al-Wafa produces high-quality and transparent plastic items, as it is possible to manufacture bottles and gallons of special and complex shapes for different uses and in several colors; such as oil, foodstuffs and detergents gallons.

This technology is used at Al-Wafa Company. It is a fully automated process using Swiss production lines with distinctive qualities. The technique can be used to manufacture products of different sizes up to approximately twenty liters, and with different weights.

The Injection-Compression Technology is also used at Al-Wafa. It enables to reduce the product weight by up to (30%) while maintaining the same quality and durability.

In addition, Al-Wafa has modern labeling solutions. The In Mold Labeling Technique is available, where during manufacturing process, a thermal-label can be added to the product inside the mold. Labels can be changed from one to another on production line with high speed and precision.

Accessories / Secondary Supplies:
In order to achieve production integrity, a number of production lines have been developed to manufacture supporting products that achieve comprehensiveness in manufacturing, as the customer is provided with the primary product and other secondary/ auxiliary products on demand.

These products are characterized by high quality and availability in different sizes, colors and shapes according to international specifications. Some examples include; hands of detergent gallons and bottle hangers.

Al-Wafa has initiated manufacturing different covers for many plastic products available at local market; in order to facilitate time and effort of customers, as it is possible to obtain the basic product and its cover at the same time, without the customer having to search for suitable covers that fit the basic products.